Our Story

Wild Husk was founded following a summer in Ethiopia where the founder, Jack Bennet, spent time working in the coffee industry with local entrepreneurs. The focus was to help the farmers to improve their yields, distribution and minimise the waste of their operations. It was while here that Jack came across piles of coffee cherries which were being discarded as a bi-product of coffee production. Tonnes of cherries were going to waste and the decomposition of them was polluting many of the local watercourses.


Wild Husk Founder Jack Bennet with Cascara

Coffee cherries are a magical bi-product of coffee that can be dried out and made into a refreshing fruity tea. The production of coffee cherry tea, also know as Cascara, dates back centuries to Yemenis culture but has previously not been a widespread phenomenon so almost all cherries went to waste. Jack set out to create his own unique form of Cascara for the world to experience. Not only does this eliminate the waste of cherries but creates a delicious fruit tea that's full of vitamins, antioxidants and has a fraction of the caffeine content of coffee.

Wild Husk Coffee Cherry Tea  

 Since the initial discovery in Ethiopia, Jack has visited plantations in Asia, central America and parts of Africa to source the best Cascara in existence. The production of Wild Husk's Coffee Cherry tea eliminates waste for which farmers get a good income instead. The tea product is sold globally and enjoyed by lovers of both coffee and tea, how about that ay?

Wild Husk Coffee Cherry Tea

Sustainability is at Wild Husk's core so as a result all of our packaging is plastic free and we donate 10% of profits to projects in the communities our Cascara is sourced.